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About The Company

OMM is a financial technology company that offers an online platform connecting borrowers with investors for personal loans. Founded in Australia, the company aims to simplify and improve the lending process by providing a secure and user-friendly platform where borrowers can access competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms. By utilizing technology to match borrowers’ needs with investors’ preferences, they facilitates a peer-to-peer lending environment that benefits both parties, fostering financial inclusion and efficient access to credit.

Hero section
Hero section

The Goal

This would be their first proper website, so they wanted this website to convey their needs:

  1. Create Brand Awareness : as a central hub for information about their company, products, and services.
  2. Strong online presence : It is the virtual gateway through which potential borrowers gain insight into the company’s services, offerings, and values. A well-crafted website not only showcases the array of loan solutions available but also instills trust through transparent information on interest rates, terms, and application processes.
  3. Incorporating technical features such as : Loan Calculator
  4. As marketing strategy : by seamlessly integrating the company’s brand identity, value propositions, and customer-centric approach, the website serves as a virtual storefront that captivates and informs potential borrowers. Through engaging visuals, persuasive content, and user-friendly navigation, the website effectively communicates the benefits of the company’s loan offerings, catering to diverse financial needs.
  5. As a main portal to their internal system.

User and Audience

The target audience for their new site would be:

  1. Borrowers : Individuals seeking personal loans for various purposes, such as debt consolidation, home improvement, travel, or medical expenses. These borrowers might be looking for competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and a streamlined application process
  2. Investors : Individuals interested in investing their money in peer-to-peer lending, seeking opportunities for potentially higher returns compared to traditional investments.
  3. Young Professionals : Recent graduates or early-career professionals who might need personal loans for education, career advancement, or other life events. They are likely to be familiar with online tools and open to digital financial solutions.
  4. Small Business Owners : Entrepreneurs in need of funding for their small businesses who may find online lending platforms a convenient way to secure the necessary capital.

My Role & Responsibility

This project was the Agency’s project where i work fulltime. So my role here is just a UI Designer, using figma to create mockups. This is how i would illustrate my role:

Role and Responsibility

The Process

1. Wireframe

Wireframe always helped me visualise what the content are and how many pages are there.

2. Website References

The client wanted their website to be vibrant and colorful, but they were not sure yet whether using photo or illustration.

3. Challenges
  1. The biggest challenge for me is this is the early stage of their online presence, so they don’t have logo, branding, and style guideline. So i was struggling choosing what main color to use as CTA button and what color as complimentary color.
  2. Client didn’t really have preference what style they would go, so i need to come up with a few style variation for the homepage.
4. Design Variations

Since the client didn’t have a logo yet, also they don’t know what style they like, i need to try some style variations for the homepage. I always start with he homepage first to get client’s approval in terms of the style, feel, and vibe of the design.

First Mockup (corporate style)

Second Mockup (colorful style)

Third Mockup

The Manager told me to try using Sloth to symbolize Australia

Fourth Mockup

Fifth Mockup (with variations)

5. Final Mockup

The client ended up choosing the Fifth variation with colorful illustrations.

Mockup of all pages

Loan Calculators



The Result

After the homepage with colorful illustrations are approved, i can finish the rest of the pages quicker since they already got the style they wanted. After some small revisions here and there the mockup are finally done, went to development phase by the developer team, and the site is live now.

Visit the live site here.

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